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Lakehouse Fitness Room

24 Hours

The HOA Staff (located at the Lakehouse) can assist you in getting access to the amenities of the Community and rentals of the Clubhouse or pool. Please call or email to arrange a time to meet with the staff for any of these concerns.(281) 213-4132, [email protected]
•All participants must wear modest workout attire. No jeans or cutoffs. Athletic shoes must be worn at all times, swimsuits are NOT permitted.
•As a courtesy to others, please wipe down your machine when you are finished. There are sanitary wipes available for you to use.
•Children ages 14-17 must be accompanied by a parent of guardian 18 years or older at all times.
•No guest under the age of 18 allowed in the weight room. An adult guest may only use the facility twice a month and much be accompanied by a resident
•No FOOD or DRINK is allowed in the weight room, with the exception of water. NO Glass bottles or other glass containers.
•Do NOT exercise if you have consumed alcohol in the last eight hours. If you are taking prescription medications, please consult your physician before exercising. No Alcohol or Tobacco products of any kind is permitted in the weight room.
•All persons using the weight room do so at their own risk and responsibility.
•It is recommended that if you are using the bench press or squat rack that you have a spotter.
•Please remove all weight from equipment when finished with your workout and please return all dumbbells to their proper places.
•Due to the popularity of the cardio machines, please limit your workout time to 30 minutes.
•If any member uses their own personal trainer (no one on staff) the trainer must furnish the facility with a copy of their certification and liability insurance.
•Radio is provided to the Fitness Center. If you provide your own music please do so with personal headset as to not disturb other users.
•No shoes with wheels, skateboards, bicycles or rollerblades are permitted in the Fitness Center.

The Association is not responsible for any loss or damage to any private property.
Management reserves the right to deny access to the fitness room to anyone.

Important Information

Location: 10000 Towne Lake Parkway

Hours: 24 Hours

Opens: 12/14/2015

Phone: 281-213-4132

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