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Patrol Phone: 281-407-1711

Street Patrol
Over the first week of SEAL providing Towne Lake with armed vehicle patrol services, the Association has fielded inquires related to the Patrol. In efforts of increasing communication with residents, below are some frequently asked questions we feel will better inform and educate residents on Patrol activity.



Lake Patrol
The Association recently retained the services of SEAL Security to patrol the Recreational Lake. Lake patrol will be conducted on select weekend days and holidays throughout the boating season, beginning this Saturday, April 4th. Lake Patrol will be enforcing the Lake Use and Boating Rules as provided for in Section B and C of the Amended and Restated Rules and Regulations Relating to Boats, Docks and the Use of the Recreational Lake in Towne Lake. The Lake Use and Boating Rules can be viewed and downloaded in the website’s Document Library by clicking here.

Vacation Watch Form
Leaving town for the weekend and want SEAL to keep an extra eye out on your house? Fill out the vacation watch form by clicking here.

                                                            Patrol Frequently Asked Questions


Q) If I need assistance, should I call SEAL Patrol or the Sheriff’s Department?

A) All crimes or possible criminal activities that are time sensitive should be reported to 911. Directly after calling 911, SEAL Patrol should be contacted. If our patrol is on duty in Towne Lake at the time of the incident, they may be able to arrive to the scene quicker than the Sheriff’s Department.

Reporting of crimes or possible criminal activity that is not time sensitive should be reported to the Harris County Sheriff’s Department non emergency number of 713-221-6000, with a follow up report made to SEAL.

All other non time sensitive matters can be handled by calling SEAL Patrol at 281-407-1711.

Please remember, Patrol is on duty in Towne Lake 50 hours per week. Response times from SEAL Patrol will vary depending on if they are on duty in Towne Lake at the time of your contact with them.

Q) How can I contact SEAL Patrol?

A) At either the following phone number or email, listed at the top of this page as well:

Phone: 281-407-1711

Q) Can SEAL Patrol Officers make arrests?

A) Yes, however only for felonies, thefts, and misdemeanor breaches of peace committed in view of the Officer. While all citizens may make arrests for these types of incidents, SEAL Patrol Officers are trained to make these arrests and are armed and equipped to facilitate an arrest. Once a potential arrest is made, the SEAL Officer will contact local law enforcement and a transfer of custody will then take place.

Q) What are the hours of SEAL Patrol?

A) SEAL Patrol is scheduled to work five 10-hour shifts, per seven day week. Each seven day week patrol typically includes four weekdays (Sunday through Thursday) and one weekend day or night (Friday or Saturday). The patrol shifts are staggered each week to ensure a pattern is not established. Hours of the patrol are flexible and can be altered as the environment changes.

Q) I never see Patrol drive by my house. Why are they not patrolling my street?

A) Most of the patrol shifts occur when most residents are either at work or asleep. Nevertheless, if you are concerned, please contact Jerry Evans at and he will obtain a GPS report for your street to verify drive times.

Q) Can the Homeowner Association post security related information to the website?

A) The Association received legal advice citing a high degree of exposure in posting security reports to a public forum. That said, if any resident would like more information about SEAL Patrol’s daily activity or a particular day of activity, please call Towne Lake’s Community Manager, Jerry Evans, at 281-213-4132, and he will be happy to share with you information within those reports.

Q) If I want to know more details about crime in Towne Lake, who should I contact?

A) The Harris County Sheriff’s Department is able to provide residents with crime reports. Crime reports provided by HCSO provides the date, type of crime, street name, and street block the crime occurred on. The Association believes this is the most accurate source of information related to crime in the community. Harris County’s Sheriff’s Department can be contacted at 713-221-6000.

Q) Why does Patrol sometimes sit still in their car for extended periods of time?

A) Patrol stops their vehicle to make phone calls, receive phone calls, make reports, and to take approved breaks.

Q) Does Patrol coverage include Heritage at Towne Lake as well?

A) Yes, Heritage at Towne Lake patrol services are covered by Towne Lake under a Shared Patrol Agreement between the two homeowner associations. Heritage at Towne Lake pays Towne Lake their share of the annual Patrol costs based on a total lot count of both Associations.

We hope answering these frequently asked questions helps you better understand SEAL Patrol services and better enables you to know who to contact and how to contact the appropriate parties.

If you have further questions relating to Patrol, please contact Towne Lake’s Community manager, Jerry Evans, at 281-213-4132 or via email to


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