Towne Lake Sitters & Odd Jobs
Are you or a family member interested in pet sitting, baby sitting, or any other odd jobs?
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Resident Information

Baby Sitter

Pet Sitter 

Mothers Helper

Misc. Jobs 

Lawn Care 

Alexis Hunt832-794-176815 Y/O Yes    
Lili Noack832-451-830212 Y/O Yes  Yes  
Amanda Karsten832-929-584717 Y/O Yes    
Aspen Noack832-390-928417 Y/O Yes    
Paige Wilson          281-896-824616 Y/O Yes    
Allison Wilson832-608-282914 Y/O Yes    
Mason Jones281-256-225716 Y/O Yes    
Leyann Adi832-544-162316 Y/O Yes    
Olivia Shaw832-489-680911 Y/O  Yes   
Abbey Wilson281-509-245812 Y/O  Yes  
Kushi Virdi 847-652-238512 Y/O  Yes  
Jennifer Leigh713-876-1855Email Me Yes   
Allison Edge      


Email Me Yes Yes   
Jacquelyn Moss609-500-3760Email Me Yes   
Erin Miller


Email MeYesYesYes 
Hanna Miller                     281-733-0645   Email MeYesYesYes
Daljit Virdi 847-652-2385Email MeYesYesYes
Yasmine Adi


Email MeYesYesYes
Kaytlin Jannik713-252-4140

17 Y/O Email me

MISC. Jobs    
Mason Jones281-256-2257Pet/Plant Sitter, Lawn Care, Car Detailing, Boat Detailing


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