ARC Modifications

Section 4.2 of the Towne Lake CAI CC&R’s states in part, "In order to preserve the architectural and aesthetic appearance and the natural setting and beauty of the development, to establish and preserve a harmonious design for the development and to protect and promote the value of the Property, no improvement of any nature shall be commenced, erected, installed, placed, moved onto, altered, replaced, relocate, permitted to remain on or maintained on a lot by an owner, which will affect the exterior appearance of a lot or the Residential Dwelling or other improvements on a Lot unless plans therefor have been submitted and approved by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC)."

Towne Lake’s ARC contracts with a third party company to review and rule on ARC applications. Instructions for processing applications are detailed on the application. Some applications may only take a matter of hours to review against governing documents, however at any given time Towne Lake may have 40 to 50 applications in line to be reviewed. Once an application is turned in to the Resident Services Office, a ruling is emailed to the owner within 30 days of submittal. For this reason, you should plan your improvement well in advance of the date you desire to begin installation of the improvement.

Example of Items not required for approval:

  • Items that are removed and stored in the home or garage after use.
  • Items being repaired, replaced, stained or painted without alteration to any of the original specifications such as color, style, size, and location.

Of particular note are rear yard improvements. While the Association does not routinely inspect rear yards for compliance, the Association is charged with protecting views of rear yards in the same manner as front yards. This function serves to protect the interests of your neighbors enjoyment related to their view of your rear yard, as well protection of their property value upon selling their home. As such, the same guidelines are required for rear yards as front yards.

ARC Application                                
ARC Guidelines


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